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Mike Pence called a ‘traitor’ at Faith & Freedom Coalition meeting



Former Vice President Mike Pence was booed last Friday and called a traitor while addressing a gathering of social conservative activists in Kissimmee, Florida.

Pence tried to talk over the boos, which came from a section of the audience at a conference hosted by the Faith and Freedom Coalition. There were enthusiastic cheers and applause when he started his speech and when he recited his signature line: “I’m a Christian, a conservative, and a Republican, in that order.”

Pence was the last speaker to address the evangelical activist voters Friday morning, following other Republican officials. Socially conservative Christians represent a large voting bloc in the Republican Party.

As stated by Tampa Bay Times, none of the other speakers were booed by the crowd, which consisted of hundreds of the Republican Party’s activist evangelical voters. But dozens of attendees left the room as Pence came to the podium to speak. The critics were swiftly discharged from the audience by security.

Pence being accused of being a trader is in reference to the former vice president’s refusal to obey former President Donald Trump’s demands to unconstitutionally block the certification of the 2020 presidential election results for President Joe Biden as he supervised over a joint session of Congress.

Trump had pressed Pence to not count certain Electoral College votes from states where he argued the election results, claiming widespread fraud had falsified the election for Biden. Pence had declined to do so. In a statement to Congress, the former vice president explained that he did not have the constitutional authority to “determine which electoral votes should be counted and which should not.”

On Jan. 6, after it became clear that Pence would not stop the certification of the election results for Biden, a mob of President Donald Trump’s supporters marched on the U.S. Capitol building and then trespassed inside in an attempt to interrupt the joint session of Congress. Violence broke out, and several Capitol Police officers were assaulted and severely injured by rioters who ransacked government offices and stole government property. One of the Trump supporters, Ashli Babbitt, was shot to death by a USCP officer who remains unidentified.

Some of the rioters made calls to “hang Mike Pence” for betraying Trump.

After the critics were discharged from the Faith & Freedom Coalition event, Pence concluded his speech, commending the Trump administration’s accomplishments over the previous years including funding the development of several COVID-19 vaccines and protecting religious liberty. He harshly criticized the Biden administration on several points, claiming Biden is poorly supporting Israel and weak on the immigration issue.

“When I was vice president, I visited the southern border,” said Pence, taking a jab at Vice President Kamala Harris, who has not yet visited the southern border since being assigned by Biden to be in charge of the ongoing immigration crisis.

Pence is largely assumed to run for president in 2024, should Trump decide against running again. Though a large number of Trump’s supporters regard Pence with hostility after the events on Jan. 6, a poll showed in March who Republican voters would support in 2024 if Trump does not run had Pence leading the prospective GOP field with 19% support, followed by Florida Governor Ron DeSantis at 17%.

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Cruz criticizes Biden’s ‘unconstitutional’ vaccine mandate: ‘They want to change the topic from Afghanistan’



Cruz calls Afghanistan the evacuation the ‘worst foreign policy catastrophe in a generation’

Senator Ted Cruz, said Sunday that President Biden’s vaccine requirement for private companies is intended to fail and being utilized only as a distraction from his mistakes made in Afghanistan.

While appearing on Fox News’ “Sunday Morning Futures,” Cruz said Biden’s standard demandung businesses with hundred or more workers to require the COVID-19 vaccine or weekly testing is “illegal” and simply intended to get the Democratic president back in the media’s good side after he was broadly criticized for his sloppy military evacuation in Afghanistan.

“They want to change the topic from Afghanistan,” the senator said. “It’s why Biden issued this completely illegal and unconstitutional vaccine mandate, because he wanted to change the topic from the disaster in Afghanistan.”

“The vaccine mandate is going to be struck down in court. They know that,” he continued. “But the president is defying the law because he wanted the press to start defending him and stop talking about the disasters in Afghanistan. And he’s counting on a bunch of big businesses, in particular, forcing their employees to comply before the matter is ever adjudicated and before the order is struck down.”

Cruz proceeded to contend that each policy decision by Biden, foreign and domestic, has been driven by “pure politics.”

“When it comes to Afghanistan, Joe Biden and his administration presided over the worst foreign policy catastrophe in a generation,” he said. “They put politics in front of everything else. They abandoned Americans behind enemy lines, and it was a disaster. We were routed there, because Joe Biden surrendered.”

“He fled and left hundreds if not thousands of Americans in harm’s way and we are going to be paying the price – our nation is going to pay the price for our president’s weakness and incompetence for years to come,” he added.

Cruz also said the world is less protected because of Biden’s actions in Afghanistan, contending that America’s foes have overserved the president’s shortcoming and will not hesitate to take advantage of it, referring China for instance.

“Unfortunately, I believe the chances of a Chinese amphibious assault on Taiwan have increased tenfold in the last month,” Cruz said. “If that happens it would be utterly disastrous, but weakness invites aggression.”

“When you have a president who rolls over for everything, it only invites the bad guys to do worse and worse things,” he said.

Ten Chinese aircraft entered Taiwan’s air defense zone on Friday, the day after the democratically governed island reported a $9 billion boost to military spending to counter the danger from central China, which considers Taiwan as part of its territory.

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Chants of ‘F*** Joe Biden’ at diverse vaccine mandate protest, thousands embrace at NYC freedom rally: ‘This is the power we want to send to the world’



A large number of New Yorkers spoke up against vaccine mandates on Saturday. A diverse group in New York City protested against the government’s COVID-19 vaccine mandate orders.

A diverse group walked through the streets of New York City on Saturday; some waved American, Gadsden, and LGBTQ flags. Some protestors were holding signs that read: “My body, my choice,” “Latinos against forced vaccines,” “God is with us,” and “LGBTQ people for medical freedom.”

There were moms demanding the end of mask mandates for their kids in school. There were some demanding the government to recognize natural immunity and requesting that those with past COVID-19 infection be absolved from the vaccine mandate.

The freedom rally halted in Times Square, where speakers conveyed messages against COVID-19 vaccine mandates. At one point, the ideologically coordinated group embraced one another in a sign of unity against the mandates.

“This is the power that we want to send to the world,” a speaker said.

There were chants of “Wake up New York!” and “My body, my choice!”

One highlighted speaker at the freedom rally cited President Biden, who recently said, “What more do you need to see? We’ve made vaccinations free, safe and convenient. We’ve been patient, but our patience is wearing thin. And your refusal has cost all of us.”

The speaker told the protestors, “Joe Biden, your patience is wearing thin? We lost our patience!”

The crowd responded by reciting, “F*** Joe Biden!”

This anti-Biden chant was utilized at college football stadiums recently.

On Sept. 9, Biden declared a general vaccine mandate for companies with more than a hundred workers, which will affect a hundred million Americans.

On Aug. 16, New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio signed an emergency executive order demanding residents to give proof of coronavirus vaccination to enter indoor eating at restaurants, cinemas, gyms, and more.

The demonstration was just one of many “World Wide Rally For Freedom” occasions that occurred in communities around the world.

“We will push back against widespread propaganda, by producing our own media, and advancing our own narrative, instead of succumbing to the one being pushed on us. We will not accept the rampant politicization of science and medicine, and we will return these institutions to being neutral sources of information for the benefit of society, over government and corporate interests,” an official statement from the protestors read.

There were also big protests in France and Canada.

Protests in Australia became violent, and more than two hundred were apprehended in Melbourne.

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Biden aides set up a ‘wall’ to protect him from unscripted occasions, book claims



The book depicts the internal White House staff members ‘ process as a ‘cocooning’ of the president

Top White House aides set up a “wall” to protect President Joe Biden from unscripted occasions and long interviews in the midst of fears of the president’s touchiness and propensity for ruining statements, as indicated by a recent book.

“Peril” by Bob Woodward and Robert Costa referred to various of episodes from the blunder inclined president in the beginning days of his administration, including a back-and-forth with a CNN journalist for which he later apologized.

“That side of Biden — his tendency to at times be testy or mangle statements — was still with him and now part of his presidency,” the book says.

Thus, various Biden associates told the journalists that Chief of Staff Ronald Klain and then-White House advisor Anita Dunn worked to keep such occurrences from happening by keeping him away from “unscripted events or long interviews.”

“They called the effect ‘the wall,’ a cocooning of the president,” they wrote.

However, the creators note that those episodes still kept showing up, regardless of that defensive air pocket.

The book says that the White House needed damage control after Biden reported he had struck a significant bipartisan infrastructure deal, but then said it was dependent on a more liberal spending bundle being passed.

It reportedly shocked Democrats, who considered them as separate, and infuriated Republicans who were unhappy about the caveat. It prompted officials working the telephones to fix the damage, and Biden giving a long statement to explain his position.

The book contains various disclosures, specifically its announcing regarding how General Mark Milley was in correspondence with the Chinese to console them about feelings of trepidation of an assault during the mayhem encompassing the Jan. 6 Capitol revolt.

The White House did not quickly respond to Fox News’ request for input.

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